Nautilus series for water metering application

Nautil series flowmeters and pressure loggers are optimized for water efficiency improvement.

NautiFlow Electromagnetic Flowmeters

NautiFlow NF-1 battery powered flowmeter is utilizing electromagnetic flow measurement technology to meausre volume flow. It has no moving part inside the 304 stainless steel flow tube, which makes it perfect for water utilities to replace the woltman bulk meter.

NautiLog pressure loggers

NautiLog NL-1 and NL-2 pressure logger gFlow+ innovatively combined the wireless communication module and pressure measurement device to reduce the number of the communication module on the field. Operated together with NF-1 flowmeter, the systerm became reliable and robust sensor node on your water network meter cluster.

NautiData Visualization/Analysis platform

Gflow+’s NautiData software are web-based and mobile base tool to support water utility staff to reduce daily work load and increase the leakage management efficiency and quality.