NautiData software platform is a fully integrated smart utility SCADA system

Water distribution system integration is best utilized  by using smart water network to warn of potential bursts in time to effectively respond to minimize public exposure and the economic impacts on individuals and businesses. Smart water network is the critical component of a smart city system. Its premise is the use of real-time information to optimize network operations and performance to conserve water, and address security challenges. By bringing together and analyzing operation data including water consumption and quality, weather and climate, energy cost and usage, and operational requirements using advanced analytics, GIS and real-time network modeling and optimization tools in the control room, Gflow+ NautiData system provides utility operators continuous real time insights tool chain into their water network performance, helping use water efficiently and effectively. By combining a constant stream of data with predictive modeling capabilities, operators can quickly assess events as they occur, identify potential problem areas before they reach a critical level, and respond decisively to operational challenges. Armed with these tools, operators become a major force for system improvements, regulatory compliance, and financial planning.

  • Customized Web based UI and App to interpret computerized data into utility operation report and instructions


  • Specialist trained water operation mythology with state-art-modeling and large scale computing power to support leak localization and operation decision


  • Pre-built interface to ArcGIS and major database/ERP engine  to take operation data


  • High performance Nautilus series sensors with integrated wireless communication RTU, can be tailored to local application