Proactive SCADA/software  solution to reduce your Non Revenue Water

DMA-District Metering Area

MNF(Minimum night flow) analysis

DMA is metering management system to evaluate NRW (physical and apparent loss) in block.   At the inlet pipe of block, district meter installed to measure input water volume and compare with revenue water inside block. Then, water loss is assessed for this block.

MNF is the inlet flow rate of block at mid-night (usually 2:00AM-4:00AM). MNF is indicator of physical loss. The increased MNF will indicate new leakage happened or something to be identified.

NautiFlow electromagnetic flowmeters

NautiFlow NF-1 battery powered flowmeter is utilizing electromagnetic flow measurement technology to meausre volume flow. It has no moving part inside the 304 stainless steel flow tube, which makes it perfect for water utilities to replace the woltman bulk meter.

Pressure management

Pressure management based in DMA, which is the economic method to reduce physical loss. During night-time, no need pressure as high as day-time. At the inlet pipe of block,  PRV (pressure reducing valve) installed to reduce night flow which will reduce MNF effectively